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UCCX 7.0 Compatibility Status with CUCM 7.1.3

I am reviewing the CUCM and UCCX compatibility matrices to line up the revision recommendations for

a customer.  The CUCM version we are looking at is 7.1(3a)SU1.  In reviewing CCX compatibility
matrix we do not find that CCX support 7.1(3a)SU1.

Based on CCX matrix, the latest CCX version [7.0(1)sr5] is compatible with only.  This is CUCM 7.1(3).  No mention of support for 7.1(3a) or 7.1(3a)SU1.  Based on release dates, 7.0(1)sr5 came out around the same time as CUCM 7.1(3a) [a few days ago].

Likely the two systems will be able to communicate with each other and I wouldn't be too concerned since CCX does support the 7.1(3) main release.  However, the CCX matrix does specify various (a)/(b) and SU releases for 7.0 and 6.1 CUCM trains.  So, technically CCX is not listed as compatible with CUCM 7.1(3a)SU1.

Is there a documentation flaw in the compatibility matrix?  Does anyone know if CCX 7.0(1)sr5 is compatible with CUCM 7.1(3a)SU1?  Is there a document/link someone can post that states this?


HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: UCCX 7.0 Compatibility Status with CUCM 7.1.3

Hi Bill,

Current  UCCX matrix for 7.0.1 SR05 lists only the base version and not 7.1(3a)SU1.

Please check the release notes of cucm 7.1(3a)SU1 and find the JTAPI version supplied with this cucm version.

If the JATPI version of 7.1(3a)SU1 is listed in UCCX matrix then u are good to go.

Regarding the Matrix it gets updated in timely mannaer as BU release new versions or tests the compatibility.

They might include the missing info in near future.


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