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UCCX 7.0 Get Call Contact - Last Redirected Number shows null

I am trying to route based upon the "Last Redirected Number"

The scenario is if the receptionist transfers a call into any CSQ, then to perform different logic. The Last Redirected Number parameter in the Get Call Contact Info step is defined as:  The number from which the last call diversion or transfer was invoked.  This is the number at which the call was placed immmeidiately before the current number.

When debugging, my variable ("lastRedirect" type String) shows "null" and does not show the 4-digit DN that is transferring the call to the Trigger.

lastRedirect = Get Call Contact Info (Triggering Contact, Last Redirected Number)

Perhaps I am missing something?


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Re: UCCX 7.0 Get Call Contact - Last Redirected Number shows nul


This is unfortunately just how this works.

Redirected = CallForward, not transfer.

A transfer will show up in your scripts as a direct call from whoever did the transfer.

In Historical Reports, it's a little more blurry - you'll probably see the calls as a transfer-in if I remember correctly.

However - I would say you have two options here:

1) Make the 'Get Call Contact Info' step execute early in the script, before any prompts are played out. Then tell the receptionist that when transferring calls to the CSQ, she must wait for the first prompt to start playing before hitting the 'transfer' key to complete the consult. You would then see a calling number = the receptionist number, and could route based on that.

2) Set up a second trigger on the script, and give that number to the receptionist to transfer to (or just give her a special CSS with a translation to change the normal number to the second trigger when she dials it). Now in your script, check the 'called' number, and apply your special routing based on that.



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Re: UCCX 7.0 Get Call Contact - Last Redirected Number shows nul

Was this ever resolved. We are using uccx 5.0(2)SR03 though the step logic and documentation state the same for the 'Last Redirected Number' within the "Get Call Contact Info" We need to know if the call was last redirected from an internal extension (ie - via a transfer).


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Re: UCCX 7.0 Get Call Contact - Last Redirected Number shows nul

This is expected behavior, not a defect. I suggest following one of Aaron's workarounds.

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