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UCCX 7.0 Historical Reports Agent Total Calls Mystery

Hi we have an agent who is showing in a queue shared by 12 other agents showing 13,054 total calls with an average of :02 seconds per call. There is obviously an issue because the average amongst all agent totals is approx 185-205 total calls with an average of 00:01:08 minutes per call. 

I'm trying to identify what the source of the issue is, has anybody else had this issue before?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Hi,Over what period have


Over what period have there been 13,054 calls? sounds like a busy agent.

Are they all from the same number?

Have you got some call details of those short calls?

Because you are getting expected times with the other agents, your report is more than likely correct, so this is either a telephony issue or something more sneaky...

I say this as I have seen agents calling themselves before when a centre operates a Longest Idle strategy which would match up with a great deal of short calls. Its definitely worth checking the call setup first though before you investigate this possibility. Have you spoken to the agent? Have they reported any issues when receiving calls?

Post some call logs if you can...


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@Leightonsmith thank you for

@Leightonsmith thank you for your reply

The supervisor has spoken with the agent. The agent said he definitely never made or took that many calls. Is it possible something is hung up in the queue? The report is 2/1/14 thru 3/1/14.

I've attached the report. Cancel that I didn't add the report. It's not allowing the .chc file type. And for some reason my historical reports tool isn't allowing me to export to any other file type. It's telling me I'm out of memory. Which is impossible.

Thank you


Edit---I was able to do a screenshot and upload as an image.

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Hi, Those are outbound calls!



Those are outbound calls! I would disable the agent while you figure out what's going on if those calls are costing you.

Are the agents part of an outbound campaign?


Could you explain how this is set up technically and post any CCX scripts you may be using.



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Hi Leightonsmith.This is

Hi Leightonsmith.

This is definitely not a campaign of any sort. This is a service queue for customer support. They are only taking calls. 

I'll look up the script and see if I can post. Weird thing is, there are no records of outbound calls in this agents CDR on that line. 

Slamming perhaps?


Here is the script. I appended the file name with .gif it's the only way I could upload it. Just remove .gif and it should work.


Thank you

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