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UCCX 7.0 install mistake/problem

I am in the process of installing UCCX 7.0 fresh.  Server is loaded, SQL loaded and ran through the initial configuration steps for setting up the application.  When I got to the step of setting the Unified CCX Administrator I did a search of the Unified CM Users window and used my user id, and now (after closing the browser window) I can no longer get into the Application Administrator page. My UCCX server is not in the domain, my UCM are syncronized with AD, so the users that I was seeing in the Unified CM Users window during setup were all domain users.

I guess my question is, do I have any other options besides rebuilding the UCCX box to get in?  Is there anyway to change that Administrator without accessing the Application Administrator page?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Re: UCCX 7.0 install mistake/problem

Well, if nothing has changed with your account then you should be able to logon  with your account.  But I assume you have already checked that out.  I am not sure about 7.0 (thought I do need to reset my lab system after a DirSync integration debacle...).  Anyway, with 5.x you could use the cet tool.

  1. Start CET.
    1. Go to Start>Run and  type "cet" or run cet.bat in the "C:\Program Files\wfavvid"  directory
  2. Select  "" from the config  object type tree and double click on the row at the right pane.
  3. Select the ""  tab
  4. Change the Setup State from to  "FRESH_INSTALL".
  5. Restart the Node Manager services.
  6. After the Node Manager service loads.  Launch the IE browser and browse to http:///Appadmin (or
  7. Login Administrator/ciscocisco  credentials.


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Re: UCCX 7.0 install mistake/problem

Hi Dave,

As William suggests, you can use the CET tool also with the UCCX 7 ( I had to used it after a Callmanager crash a few months ago). Also if the app administrator user is a domain user, check in Active Directory if the account is locked or if it is disable.


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