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UCCX 7.0 Integrating with CUPS 7.0

Hi Guys

Trying to get the above working. Basically your meant to be able to integrate Unified Presence with UCCX so that Agents can chat to External advisors. To me it looks very simple. You just point UCCX to CUPS and it grabs the users.

It would appear not as it does not work. I can verifiy the connection to the CUPS but when you search for contacts you get the following error:

CDAUI2067 Search did not complete successfully, and only partial results are displayed. Contact technical support.

Any ideas??




Re: UCCX 7.0 Integrating with CUPS 7.0

This error occurs when the parameters on the Unified Presence Cluster Settings page are not configured correctly. There are two possible causes of this problem: the user credentials are incorrect, or the hostname/IP address is incorrect.

To diagnose and resolve the problem, complete the following steps.

1. Choose Cisco Unified Presence Settings > Cisco Unified Presence Cluster Settings.

2. Click Verify.

If the hostname/IP address is incorrect, this error message appears: "CDAUI2033 Error communicating with the Unified Presence Server."

If the user credentials are incorrect, this error message appears: "CDAUI2034 Invalid Cisco Unified Presence Cluster user credentials. Configured user must be able to run SOAP queries."

3. Type the correct information in the appropriate fields, then click Verify to test the information you just entered. A message should appear, stating that the transaction was successful.

4. Click Save.

New Member

Re: UCCX 7.0 Integrating with CUPS 7.0

The document points to setting up an Application user, but in reality, you just need a normal CUPS enabled END USER. Try that one out.

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