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UCCX 7.01 CTI manager failover

Hi, I couldn't find any definitive  documentation on the what determines if a CCX server fails over to the  secondary CTI manager.  Is it loss of ping?  Is it CTI service related.


2 CCM servers running 7.0.2

1 CCX server running 7.0.1

Our  CCX server is pointed to the subscriber first and publisher second  under AXL provider and CTI manager.  Replication between the 2 servers  failed on Jan 2nd.  When folks tried to log into CCX on the morning of  Jan 3rd, they received an error stating that a CTI manager is not  available.  We logged into CCX and removed the subscriber from the list  of selected AXL and CTIM servers and people were able to log into CCX.   We rebooted the subscriber and after some time, replication was again  restored.

My  main concern was why did the CTI Manager running on the publisher not  take over?  Was it because the Subscriber was still pingable?  The TAC  engineer stated that the failover was based on pings.  Can anyone verify  this?  He did not seem too confident when he made this statement and it  would make much more sense to have the failover based on service  availability.

We've  since gone into RTMT and setup e-mail alerts so in the future, we'll at  least be given a heads up if there is a replication failure.

Thanks in advance!


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