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UCCX 7 - Agent Routing question

With the UCCX Agent Routing, I saw the canned options and none of them really work for our needs.

Can they be customized or reversed?

Namely we would like to change the Shortest Average Handle Time to Longest Average Handle Time.

(If you’re spending more time on calls, you’re taking less calls, so you need to catch up.)

If Agent1 takes 10 calls at an average of 2 minutes, and Agent2 takes 5 calls at an average of 6 minutes, the technician who takes more calls is queued to continue taking more calls.  That’s the opposite of what we need.

The best case scenario would be a system that looks at the ratio of Logged In time vs calls taken, then attempts to catch up people who’s ratios are worse.

For instance, we have two Agents that come in at the same time.

Agent1 takes 3 calls and an immediate break, Agent2 takes 10 calls without breaking.

We would like the next call to go immediately to Agent1, until his ratio of logged in time to calls taken is equalized.

Can the UCCX be configured in that way?

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Re: UCCX 7 - Agent Routing question

It cannot although I can see the use case for why you would want to do it that way. In most environments, longer call handle times are considered a negative thing suggesting a less-skilled agent. In those cases CCX was designed to weight [reward] agents who are more efficient. Your use case on the other hand is attempting to ensure an even work load regardless of proficiency.

The closest you will be able to achieve in current versions is the Longest Available algorithm. In this case whomever has not been on a call the longest will be offered the next call. This will distribute the workload evenly all other things held equal. There are a few things that can easily break this balance though: an agent doesn't answer the call when first offered to them resulting in it skipping to the next resource, outbound calls from the agent resets their available timer so an agent who makes a lot of outbound calls will not receive as many inbound calls, and an agent who is "behind" will not be offered multiple successive calls to "catch up."

I suggest that you submit a Product Enhancement Request with your Cisco AM to add this functionality to a future release.

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