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UCCX 7 e-mail subsystem / step doubt


I have an external (not in my LAN) SMTP server and I need to use e-mail step in my scripts but if i loose my internet connection  is there any possibility to try to  resend e-mail later?


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Re: UCCX 7 e-mail subsystem / step doubt


no, actually it is just a simple SMTP session without any queuing capabilities.

You have two options:

1. (easy) set up a small SMTP server with queuing capabilities someplace near the UCCX server,

2. (challenging) before using the Send Email step, make a copy of all emails, for instance, in a database, and make the same script delete this row when it exits on the Successful branch of the Send Email step. If for any reason the send fails, the email remains in the database and you can use any Python/Perl/**your favorite language here** script to periodically check for these rows and send them.


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Re: UCCX 7 e-mail subsystem / step doubt

There is a third option but I'm not sure I would recommend it to the average customer:

3. Use the On Exception step to recover from the contact hanging up and continue processing the AEF script. If the SMTP fails, you could use a delay step and loop back to try again after a period of time. This can't last forever (maximum step count), consumes memory, and is difficult to see since there is no longer an active call attached to the script. Be especially careful here because a large volume of calls doing this could result in a high server load if there are lots of sessions sitting in memory post-caller.

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