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UCCX 7 Licensing Question (Enhanced to Premium)

Hopefully an easy one for someone who has done this. Can't seem to find a clear answer on this. Currently licensed for HA and 100 enhanced licenses. Purchased upgrade for 100 Premium licenses. This is what was returned.

SERVER licenseServer ANY

VENDOR cisco

INCREMENT CRS_PREICDSRVR cisco 7.0 permanent uncounted \

            VENDOR_STRING=<count>1</count> HOSTID=ANY \

            NOTICE="blah blah blah"

INCREMENT CRS_PRE_SEAT cisco 7.0 permanent uncounted \

            VENDOR_STRING=<count>100</count> HOSTID=ANY \

            NOTICE="blah blah blah"

I guess what I'm needing to confirm is that HA is licensed completely separate and that the new license files is only applicable to the seats and  that the HA will  remain in tact and does not need to be referenced in the new lic file?

One other thing.. I've been told that the License simply needs to be applied to the primary server and that there is no CAD client update required which is what I'd expect. However, I've also read where some folks had to upgrade their CAD client for a simple license upgrade but can't find anything to support either with 100% certainty.

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UCCX 7 Licensing Question (Enhanced to Premium)

The HA license does in fact need to be upgraded to Premium as well. Also, the Enhanced to Premium upgrade does require a CAD Client upgrade and a new JRE which get pushed automatically if you have updates set to automatic. Of course, this could have been an issue if it was a locked down environment since someone would have needed to logon to each machine with the necessary permissions to install software.

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UCCX 7 Licensing Question (Enhanced to Premium)

Hi JPSweeney77,

Be sure to remove the Enhanced licenses after you upload the new Premium licenses. CCX cannot run with two different license levels installed. If you are familar with CET you can remove the licenses from there, otherwise open a TAC SR to have the licenses removed.



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