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UCCX 7 Prompt playing issue

Hello everyone.

I have UCCX 7 SR 5 running with CCM 7.1.3. The issue is that 1-2 month ago I deployed a script that plays prompts, connects callersto the agents, etc..Yesturday we noticed that the strange things happen - some prompts does not play at all, some play with noice in the background. After uploading prompts again issue gets out. I wonder why it's happening and could happen again?



UCCX 7 Prompt playing issue

Hi Ruslan,

Its always a better practice of refreshing the prompt \ grammer \script\ application management pages in case you do any changes to any one of them or referencing to these pages.

Checking the logs (MIVR\MADM) will give you a better idea why th eprompt was not getting played.

It usually doesn't happen, in case if you hit this again collect the logs (with the exact time stamp and call flow) and keep it aside so that you can follow it up with the Cisco TAC.

Hope it helps,


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New Member

UCCX 7 Prompt playing issue

Hi Anand.

I have already noticed that the script changes will not take place until you don't refresh application. Thank you for your advice. But what about prompts quality? I will try to post MIVR, MADM logs soon.

UCCX 7 Prompt playing issue


we had a similar issue years ago, all of the sudden, there was a hiss or scratch audible, or the prompts just stopped playing half way. Anyway, the first thing I tried was rebooting the server to get rid of the garbage that had built up in the memory causing CPU spikes. It helped.

I would recommend to do a reboot once in a while, it's just a computer after all :-)


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