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UCCX 7 SQL 2000 Server SA password

Hi group,

I am having UCCX 7.0 in HA mode. I am using Cisco provided SQL 2000 Server. During the installation of SQL, it didn't ask me to specify the SA password anywhere.

Now, I've a requirement where I need to pull data from CCX databases but I don't have sa credentials.

Has anybody any clue what sa password could be? I've tried sa/sa, sa/password, sa/blank, sa/cisco, sa/Server_Administrator_Password, server_administrator/Server_Administrator_Password, cisco/cisco.

Thanks in advance,


Re: UCCX 7 SQL 2000 Server SA password

What is the Authentication model? If it's windows and user/password, why not create a new user in SQL Enterprise Manager who can access the required databases in read-only mode?



New Member

Re: UCCX 7 SQL 2000 Server SA password

Since the SQL was installed by the Cisco provided media, it didn't ask for any authentication mode. I tried windows authentication and actually did get a user created but it still failed. I was guiding someone to do it over the phone and not sure if that guy did it correctly. I'll go and try these options myself once.

Thanks for your time,


New Member

Re: UCCX 7 SQL 2000 Server SA password

The default UCCX 7 install sets the DB for Windows only authentication Mode. If you create a SQL user and give proper permission to DB and system rights, then change the authentication mode to SQL and Windows. It will work.

Tree is:

Enterprise manager -> SQL Server Group -> "Server" -> properties -> security tab

New Member

Re: UCCX 7 SQL 2000 Server SA password

Actually the UCCX 7 generates random SQL SA password which is not documented anywhere, I confirmed this from TAC.

SQL is using Windows based authentication by default, I've created a local users on UCCX Servers. Now the remote system who wants to fetch the data uses those credentials to login and retrieve data from necessary tables.

TAC told me that mixed mode/SQL authentication is not supported on UCCX anymore, although I could see couple of Cisco docs mentioning the usage of mixed mode authentication. Finally, I had to agree with TAC and continued with windows authentication model.

Thanks for all the help,


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