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UCCX 7 - temporary wav files, when are they cleared?

Hello all,

On my UCCX 7 installation I run a script (attached) which records various MOTD for 3 contact centres. The recording part of the script specifically stores the temporary recording in the prompt repository (eg Prompts\user\de_DE\RP\TEMP and when the user confirms that it should be written to disk, it is then stored in the correct prompt repository for the specific contact centre.

However, I noticed that when making the recordings a number of temporary wav files are automatically created in the c:\program files\wfavvid\temp directory.  These files all have numeric (well, nearly all numeric) names such as 1260543534753@181fab8.wav and are the same size as my recorded files using the script.

I am wondering why the temp files appear in the wfavvid\temp directory even though my script says to create the files in de_DE\RP\TEMP.  Also, are they automatically cleared down and if so when? I've also noticed that for a while these files are in use and I cannot manually delete them.



Re: UCCX 7 - temporary wav files, when are they cleared?

You do not have to upload you prompts to the repository until you're ready to.

Just use the resulting document as if it were a prompt and it'll work out great.

The temp dir is not defined in any document that I know of, but it looks to be like the default location for storing temporary prompts which are recorded from the recording step.

I'm not sure how long it lasts, but I can tell you that if you restart the engine, the files get deleted.

Anthony Holloway

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