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UCCX 7 to 8 upgrade question

I am upgrading a UCCX 7.01(SR3) system to UCCX 8. They are equipping HA over the WAN as well. They have bought two new servers for this, and the customer would prefer to have the system installed in parallel for a day or two, and then move to the new servers in production. I have been reading the install/upgrade instructions and it seems like the Pre-upgrade-tool backup is a comprehensive on (configs and historical database). In this case I could not to the upgrade on the new server while the old server was still in production. But if I build it as a fresh install, then I will lose my Historical Reporting Data. Also, if I do a fresh install rather than an upgrade, will I lose my current licensing?

I know this is a new procedure for most here (me included), but I was hoping someone might have an idea as to how I might be able to accomplish this. Is there a way to save just the historical data, like the old data migration?

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Re: UCCX 7 to 8 upgrade question

Firstly, in the documentation guide it states you need to be on 7.0(1)SR5 in order to carry out a direct upgrade. It may still work without problems from SR3, but it would be wise to move to SR5 first.

I'm unsure how you want to run them in parallel. If you new server builds are identical (including IP addresses) you won't be able to have both clusters on the network in parallel. Also bear in mind the CTI connectivity to CUCM, and agent configs for UCCX server connectivity.

Unless you run an upgrade via PUT, you will indeed not have any config or historical data on the new servers. For a fresh install obviously you can re-import scripts/prompts/documents and build a fresh config, buy you can't import the old database unless you run a proper upgrade. I have the same dilemma with a number of customers as it would be good to have the new system running in advance. Where possible I have agreed that no config changes should be made and we will lose a week or two of historical data whilst the build goes ahead. For others we have to accept a build/cut-over process at the weekend for example.

Having just done a V7 to V8 upgrade, the system is aware of the previous licensing, but I still had to apply the new V8 license at build time. V8 licenses are similar to CUCM and are based on various configuration details, not the hardware MAC address. So make sure you register the new "License MAC" when obtaining the new one, or you will need to get it re-homed by the licensing team. Assuming you are doing an upgrade where the customer has a support contract, your new disks should have been delivered with a PAK code/serial number which you will need to obtain the new license, you won't be able to simply convert the old one (as far as I know!).

And finally just to add, I have had to make a number of amendments to scripts following the V8 build, but these are mainly due to being lazy on the old scripts where I referenced files & directories on the C: drive. And don't forget if you have anything custom installed on the Windows version, you will need to re-think those aspects.

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