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UCCX 7 VOIP Monitor Invalid Service

Are there any good Configuration Guides for Monitoring on UCCX 7. The VOIP Monitor Service is shows a X in a red circle and says invalid service and we are running Premium.

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Re: UCCX 7 VOIP Monitor Invalid Service


The 'X' means that the VoIP Monitor service has crashed a number of times, and has therefore been marked as 'bad'. It won't start up until you clear the bad state.

It may have crashed for a number of reasons, such as being bound to an invalid network adapter. Firstly you need to know a little about how the monitoring works.

There are two types of silent monitor setup with IPCC.

You can use Desktop Monitoring, whereby the CAD software sniffs the traffic and relays it back to the server. This has the following requirements:

1) PC must be able to see and read the dot1q encapped voice traffic - so 'Span to PC port' must be enabled on the phone properties in CCM, and the PC NIC must support dot1q. Most decent cards work OK.

2) Users must be using CAD.

The other type uses SPAN to get the packets from the edge ports to the server. This has one requirement:

1) The server must be able to see the voice streams in both directions being sent to, and from, the phone MAC address.

This means that you must SPAN the edge ports to the server if there are any L3 hops in the way (i.e. if you have a routed access layer, you can't span the gateways that are located on a different subnet to the phones and expect success).

Typically, if you are using CAD, then use the 'Desktop Monitoring' option.

To set this up, you should have your VoIP Monitor service interface set to your Primary NIC. Set this using the postinstall.exe program at 'c:\program files\cisco\desktop\bin\postinstall.exe'.

Once done, you can use the CCX Serviceability program to find the service that has the 'X' at the moment, and set it to enabled. You can alernatively find the registry key associated with it... in Regedit, navigate to HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet, and search for 'procdisabled'. Each CCX service will have a reg key, with a procdisabled value set to 0. If it's set to 1, then the service won't restart.

Set it back to 0, then restart Node Manager for the change to take effect.



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Re: UCCX 7 VOIP Monitor Invalid Service

Your post really helped me in a pinch, thanks for contributing you knowledge. I would have never know that services get disable after they fail a certain number of times and you have to re-enable them through the UCCX servicability tool. Thanks

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