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UCCX 7 vs UCCX 8 Script (Write Doc)

Need a little help in getting a document to write and upload correctly.  Where the attached script works fine in UCCX 7, it does not work properly in UCCX 8.  Basically, I understand UCCX 7 goes from a Windows version to Linux and the directory rights are now limited in version 8.  I have tried several iterations by chaning the directory location to System.getProperty(“uccx.customer.dir”)and I am get conflicting information from TAC.

Can someone show me specifically what needs to change in the script to allow the XML file to problerly upload to the MOD.xml file to the UCCX Documents folder?  The issue occurs between the labels writeFile and Upload Doc.



Re: UCCX 7 vs UCCX 8 Script (Write Doc)

Hi John,

if you want to upload a document to the Document repository (so it's visible in the UCCX Document Management webpage), you can use the Upload Document step.

If you want to save a document on the UCCX server but you don't want/need it be seen in the UCCX Document Management webpage), you can use the Write Docment step, to the uccx.customer.dir directory. But watch out, files sitting in this directory are not backed up by the Disaster Recovery System. The primary purpose of this directory is just to have a place where we can save our not-so-important files, for example caching documents, etc. You can still list these files using the UCCX CLI, with the following command: file uccx list custom_file *


Upload Document:

Write Document to the uccx.customer.dir:


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