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UCCX 8.0(2) support for Windows 7


We have purchased upgrade to UCCX 8 purely because all Desktop PCs are going to be upgraded to Windows 7. When talked to Cisco about Windows 7 support on UCCX applications, Cisco gave us impression that they will be supported under UCCX 8.0.  Now I noticed that in the Footnote for UCCX 8.0(2) compatibility file, this UCCX 8.0(2) does not support 64-bit operating system. My questions are:

1. Is there a time frame from Cisco when 64-bit OS going to be supported?

2. If install UCCX 8.0 applications such as CAD/CSD to a PC running 64-bit Windows 7 OS, any functions not working?

I noticed that CAD/CSD in UCCX 502 can not do call monitoring and recording if installed on Windows 7 PC. Are these two functions actually working in Windows 7 PC after upgrade to UCCX 8.0(2)?


Wenqian Yu


Re: UCCX 8.0(2) support for Windows 7

The last time I looked, there was no commitment date for 64-bit support.

This is tracked in the following document.


Sorry to be the bearer of less-than-acceptable news.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: UCCX 8.0(2) support for Windows 7

Thanks Bill for quick reply. That file has not been updated for nearly a year.

I will talk to our local Cisco people and see if I can get a more up-to-date info about this issue.

Will post here if I get anything new.


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Re: UCCX 8.0(2) support for Windows 7


I read that doc again. It was updated in March 2010. Expected date for Windows 7 64-bit support is Q4CY10(WOW64), and CAD/CSD version 8.5

Thanks again

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Re: UCCX 8.0(2) support for Windows 7

Window 7 has a compatibility feature that will work with Cisco applications. I know this isnt what you wanted to hear.

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