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UCCX 8.0.2 workflow administrator, HTTP action.


I am designing a script with Get contact info and Set Eneterprise Call info. I want to post a session ID to an Agent withing CAD and this works fine. I want to also use workflow administrator and HTTP action   to post this session number with other parameters to the web server ( CAD browser). I am using two events Answered and Work. When the call is answered all the proper data ( my sessionID )  pops up on the agent browser:

sessionID=[8000000704 ]callState=[]groupId=[]pilotNumber=[1669]agentId=[]agentNumber=[]clientNumber=[976]waitingTime=[]

When agent hangs up the phone and goes to work state I am triggering second event and it shows only agent ID  + some timing parameters.

sessionID=[]callState=[]groupId=[]pilotNumber=[]agentId=[johns] agentNumber=[]clientNumber=[]waitingTime=[01:00:00]

I am missing my sessionID which is important for the statistics.

Is it by design that work event passes only agent id and other time parameters  ?

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Re: UCCX 8.0.2 workflow administrator, HTTP action.

Unless you have SessionID captured in the script to an EntVar, the system will not know what the id was of the last call since it ended. You could try doing this on the Dropped event which is actually the Call Ended event (no matter which side ended the call).

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Re: UCCX 8.0.2 workflow administrator, HTTP action.

Thanks for the reply,

I have captured sessionID as a EntVar ( guide says that it is only for historical reporting) , like I said it is being passed when the call is aswered and like You said ( I tested it with reactive debuging)  this variable disapears from the script as soon someone hangs up the phone. I gues only by design some variables ( for exp.  user ID )  is beeing passed at the Answered and Work state. I haven't  thought of dropped state I am going to test that and see if it works with my developer.

Thanks again,


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