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UCCX 8.02 Call Subflow

I created a script to be a subflow named parseSchedule.aef.  I created another script to be a subflow and to encapsulate the first, named getSchedule.aef.  I can run both of these in the debugger without any trouble.  When I create another script that uses a Call Subflow node to call getSchedule.aef, I get an error

166583: Oct 08 08:24:03.710 EDT %MIVR-APP_MGR-3-STEP_FAILURE:Failure to execute a step: Application=App[name=Eng_Build_App,type=Cisco Script Application,id=1,desc=Eng_Build_App,enabled=true,max=5,valid=true,cfg=[ApplicationConfig[schema=ApplicationConfig,time=2010-10-07 17:38:01.0,recordId=1,desc=Eng_Build_App,name=Eng_Build_App,type=Cisco Script Application,id=1,enabled=true,sessions=5,script=SCRIPT[Eng_Build_App.aef],defaultScript=,vars=[],defaultVars=null]]],Task id=25000000019,Step id=107,Step,Step Description=Call Subflow(SCRIPT[getSchedule.aef] ),Exception=java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
166584: Oct 08 08:24:03.710 EDT %MIVR-APP_MGR-3-EXCEPTION:java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

There are no subscripted variables in the Input Mappings or the Output Mappings.

Is this notation "SCRIPT[getSchedule.aef]" causing the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException?

How do I get past this?


Re: UCCX 8.02 Call Subflow

Using SCRIPT[filename.aef] is the method you should use, to indicate you are calling a script file from the repo.

Do not confuse that with Java arrays:  e.g.,  String[], int[], or other.

I too have a strange issue with calling subflows in 8.0(2), and have a TAC case open on it.  My subflows run fine stand alone, but not when called from another script.  My case is with the developers, but I have not heard back yet.

If you could turn on ENG debugging, then run the test again, and post your new logs, just the section of the failure, that might show more detail about whats going on.

Anthony Holloway

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Re: UCCX 8.02 Call Subflow

The problem was a mismatch in Output Mappings between the name of the

variable in the Subflow Sources and the name in the script.

The error message is not helpful at all. The script editor should use a

drop-down selector for variables in the subflow.



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UCCX 8.02 Call Subflow


I've you come up with an explanation form the TAC team?

I'm running UCCX 8.0(2)SU2 and I have the same exception when I call a subflow.

The interestening part is that it only happens one time. When I make a refresh on the AppAdmin of the Application that calls my primary script, then the first time I execute that script it blows with that exception on the call subflow step.

The following times it doesn't return any error....

any hints?!

Thanks in advacne,


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