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New Member

UCCX backup:UCCX DB replication is not setup properly


I have a UCCX HA cluster -

The scheduled nightly backups have been functioning correclty for weeks, until two days ago when they started failing. The cluster has been stable with no reported issues or re-boots for weeks.

However, it is now coming up with the error above when either a manual or scheduled backup is made.  The same SFTP server is used for CUCM and CUPS and they are having no problems. THe system is reporting DB replication is working with no problems, see the output below.

I want to reach out to the community before I scheudle a reqeust for change with the customer to re-start the cluster.


admin:utils dbreplication runtimestate

DB and Replication Services: ALL RUNNING

Cluster Replication State: Replication status command started at: 2013-08-28-16-10

     Replication status command COMPLETED 530 tables checked out of 530

     No Errors or Mismatches found.

     Use 'file view activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.2013_08_28_16_10_31.out' to see the details

DB Version: ccm8_5_1_11004_25

Number of replicated tables: 530

Cluster Detailed View from PUB (2 Servers):

                                PING            REPLICATION     REPL.   DBver&  REPL.   REPLICATION SETUP

SERVER-NAME     IP ADDRESS      (msec)  RPC?    STATUS          QUEUE   TABLES  LOOP?   (RTMT) & details

-----------     ------------    ------  ----    -----------     -----   ------- -----   -----------------

UCCX1                0.046   Yes     Connected       0       match   Yes     (2) PUB Setup Completed

UCCX2                0.280   Yes     Connected       0       match   Yes     (2) Setup Completed

admin:utils db

admin:utils dbreplication status

-------------------- utils dbreplication status --------------------

Replication status check is now running in background.

Use command 'utils dbreplication runtimestate' to check its progress

The final output will be in file cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.2013_08_28_16_17_46.out

Please use "file view activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.2013_08_28_16_17_46.out " command to see the output 

admin:file view activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.2013_08_28_16_17_46.out



g_ccm_UCCX1_ccm8_5_1_11004_25    2 Active   Local           0               

g_ccm_UCCX2_ccm8_5_1_11004_25    5 Active   Connected       0 Aug 28 15:46:05


No Errors or Mismatches found.

Replication status is good on all available servers.

utils dbreplication status output


UCCX backup:UCCX DB replication is not setup prop


When DRS backups fail suddenly I don't first look at the UCOS as the culprit.  In my experience is likely something has gone wrong on the network or with the SFTP server. 

My normal things to check are:

  1. Remaining storage space on SFTP server is sufficent to hold backup files
  2. Recent network topology changes
    1. Check for half-duplex connections
    2. Check that LRO is disabled on VMWare based installs
    3. Check for network / operation system / application firewall changes or additions
  3. Check SFTP account/login status
    1. Account expired
    2. Password expired
    3. Account locked out

If these steps above check out, try restarting the DRS Master/Slave services on the servers first and then attempt a manual backup.  If that still fails, try a manual backup to a different SFTP server on a laptop plugged into the same subnet as the primary DRS Master server. 

If all this still fails, call TAC and then perhaps restart the server/cluster on their advice.


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Please help us make the communities better. Rate helpful posts!
New Member

UCCX backup:UCCX DB replication is not setup prop

Thanks for you reply Steven.

I completely agree about your fault finding steps but I would make the following points.

The VM appliances share the same VNICs/ESXi Host as the CUCM VM appliances and these backups work fine. Moreover, these backups have been working fine for months without a problem. There is loads of space on the SFTP server for the backups.

The error from the backup log is below, it very much points to me to a UCCX appliance/DRS fault.

2013-09-01 03:01:28 :INFO: This is UCCX High Availability setup

2013-09-01 03:01:28 :INFO: Two Nodes are there in Unified CCX Cluster

2013-09-01 03:01:28 :INFO: Executing [source /opt/cisco/uccx/bin/uccx_ids.env ; cdr list server | grep "Active[ ]*Local"] ...

2013-09-01 03:01:28 :INFO: Results of executing [source /opt/cisco/uccx/bin/uccx_ids.env ; cdr list server | grep "Active[ ]*Local"], returnCode :[256], Output :[connect to ccm_ccxgchp001_uccx failed

Enterprise Replication not active (62)

command failed -- unable to connect to server specified (5)]

2013-09-01 03:01:28 :INFO: Unified CCX DB replication is not setup properly. To backup UCCX DB in HA setup, replicatoin should be up and running.

2013-09-01 03:01:28 :INFO: ----- Exit Unified CCX DB DoBackup( with returnCode = 25 : Unsucccessful -----

2013/09/01 03:01: DO_Backup DB Script failed to work

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