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UCCX 8.5.1 and CME 8.6

Hello all,

   I am currently having a problem getting the unified CME telephony service to go inservice.  This is the message "Unified CME Telephony Subsystem          OUT OF SERVICE" from the Control Center on the CCX serviceablity page.   I am able to create new triggers and verify that they show up on CME with the correct session ID.  I have tried to delete all triggers and recreate the telephony provider but I am still unable to get the CME telephony subsystem to change.  I have pasted my validation results below.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you inadvance,


Validation Results

The Unified CME router is accessible.

The router is set in the Unified CME mode.

Presence is configured correctly on Unified CME.

The Session Server information is the same between Cisco Unified CCX and Unified CME.

The outbound trigger configuration is valid.

All the Unified CME Telephony triggers are in sync.

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