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UCCX 8.5.1 does not play prompts to another session (voicemail script)


i am just working on the two customized scripts for voicemail (voicemail.aef and voicemailqueueing.aef). Once the voicemail is recorded the voicemail script redirects the call to the voicemail queue. The call is offered to an agent. After answering the call he hears nothing, but can hear the messsage by pressing 1. He can also call the caller by pressing 2.

It seems, that this 2 scripts only works on UCCX earlier 8 because the access to files based in filesystem is no longer supported and possible. So we need to play the prompts (to the agent who receives the VoiceMail) from prompt repository.

From my opinion, the problem is the play prompt step an the menu step. Both cannot play prompts from the prompt repository to another session. Wether by selceting it with a complete path (Play Prompt, icd_Contact, promptDir + "PromptX.wav) nor by selecting it with the expression editor by using the browse prompt button (Play Prompt (icd_Contact, P[PathA/PathB/PromptX.wav]).

I am confused, because of the fact, that the recorded voicemail is played. This is made by "Play Prompt (icd_Contact, voicemail_message)". voicemail_message is variable where the info of the recorded Document is stored. From my understanding the voicemail is stored in a Document file (deep in UCCX).

Therefore the prompt step is able to play System Prompts e.g. "Play Prompt (icd_contact, SP[SNU\menu_re_rec.wav]).

My Questions:

Are there some hints to play prompts to another session like the agent who is answering the voicemail call?

Is there a possibility to upload files in system prompt repository?

Is a list with system prompts available?

Are this samples scripts available for Rel. 8.0 or 8.5?


UCCX 8.5.1 does not play prompts to another session (voicemail s

You'll need to change the part of the script that saves the recording to the local filesystem. This is after the recordMessage label in the voicemail.aef script.

For information on uploading prompts to the repository in a uccx script, see this thread

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Re: UCCX 8.5.1 does not play prompts to another session (voicema

thx for your reply,

of course, i modified the script to upload the voice message as an document. So, the message is stored in the uccx database and accessible via another script and UCCX administration web page. But, sorry, this is not the problem.

The problem is the prompt for the agent, who receives the call with the message. After answering the call, the agent have to hear the instruction: Press 1 to hear the message, press 2 for callback the caller. But this message is missing, because of playing it to an session orginated by the voicemail script.

Explanation: The voicemail script records the message and dial the trigger of the CSQ with the voicemail queueing script. So the caller is caught in the voicemail script and the receiving agent is caught in the queueing script. The trick is, to create an prompt step within the the voicemail script to send a prompt to the agent who is caught in the queueing script. This is possible with the helpness of the session information.

The solution for my problem is right simple:

I stored the prompt files in a de_DE path for german (und ich entschuldige mich hier auch gleich für mein schlechtes englisch ;-)) and forgott to configure the default language as german (de_DE). After doing that, something works fine.

As investigated, the prompt step and the menu step are not able to play prompts in the manner "Play Prompt, icd_Contact, promptDir + "PromptX.wav" to another session. It seems that this steps always use the base of the default prompt path as configured in the system parameters page. Now i can use the play Prompt as followed: Play Prompt (icd_Contact, P[PathA/PathB/PromptX.wav]).
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Re: UCCX 8.5.1 does not play prompts to another session (voicema

After a while, where i configuring UCCX scripts i can say: It is not useful to use the UCCX as an Voicemail system. The whole time where you hold an voicemail in the system, an application is activated (using memory, using cpu, system recources and cti-ports). Also the system step counter is incrementing (default 1000 steps).

Only you can guarantee, that the voicemail is answered whithin a short time, this make sense.

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Re: UCCX 8.5.1 does not play prompts to another session (voicema

My  voicemail.aef  script  can save  the  voicemail  message  to the  UCCX  server  (in the  document  folder) but the voicemail message is  not  queued for the  agent when he is  available (in ready state) and   there is no prompt with the  voicemail & callback menu. Any  ideas  how to resolve  this?

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