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UCCX 8.5.1 replication questions

I'm the new guy on the job, and I'm trying to get acquainted with the existing system.  In working with our UCCX system, I noticed something that appears troubling concerning replication.  

Apparently there was a single UCCX server, then at a later date another server was added creating an HA cluster.  It would appear that replication is not enabled for this cluster, however everything seems to be working.


Am I right in thinking that replication needs to be online and working for this cluster to perform correctly?  Or is is possible to have a happy cluster without replication?


admin:utils dbreplication runtimestate

DB and Replication Services: ALL RUNNING

Cluster Replication State: Replication status command started at: 2013-06-05-16-43
There no active nodes in the replication network
DB Version: ccm8_5_1_11004_25
Number of replicated tables: 0

Cluster Detailed View from PUB (2 Servers):

                                PING            REPLICATION     REPL.   DBver&  REPL.   REPLICATION SETUP
SERVER-NAME     IP ADDRESS      (msec)  RPC?    STATUS          QUEUE   TABLES  LOOP?   (RTMT) & details
-----------     ------------    ------  ----    -----------     -----   ------- -----   -----------------
xxxx-UCCX01        0.026   Yes     Off-Line        N/A     match   N/A     (0) PUB Setup Completed
xxxx-UCCX02        0.229   Yes     Off-Line        N/A     match   N/A     (0) Not Setup


Thanks guys!

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