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UCCX 8.5(1) to 10.5(1) upgrade and migrating from MCS 7845 to UCS C260

I am upgrading from UCCX 8.5(1) to 10.5(1) and upgrading from MCS 7845 to UCS C260. I am running into a unique issue...

I performed DRS backup from 7845 cluster and installed same UCCX version on UCS. Question I have below is:

1. Can I login into Disaster recovery on UCS cluster and perform DRS restore or..

2. I need to login to UCCX admin page and continue as fresh install, populate initial configuration and than do a DRS restore.

3. Does UCCX require connectivity to Call Manager all the time? The reason is we are also upgrading UCM to 10.5(1) and we have 12 of them and it's taking time...


We have built an insulated network for this as we are not changing IPs or hostname.. Any suggestions or help will be great...

Cisco Employee

Hi Rohan,1 and 2: You can

Hi Rohan,

1 and 2: You can directly login to the DRF page for the restore. Use the direct DRF URL, else by default you will be pointed to the admin page for the fresh install.


3. No, the DRF restore can be performed even without the CUCM not available.

Conditions for restore:

1. The version must be the exact same as the backup (including SU, ES etc)

2. The security password must be same of the new node/s else the security password of the backup will be asked. Please keep the security password of the node from which backup was taken handy.

3. Ip address and Hostname needs to be the same as the one's from which backup was taken.

4. Follow the exact procedures as outlined in the DRS guide for 8.5.1 and choose the best restore scenario which applies to your cluster.




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Thank you for your reply...

Thank you for your reply... Now let me go a step further. 

I need to install 8.5(1) SU4 in order to go to 10.5(1).

1. At what point I need to install the re-hosted license file? Before going to SU4 or before going to 10.5(1).

2. Also, how will I install the license file as I admin username does not work as Call Manager is not available?

3. What services should be started from going from SU3 to SU4 and SU4 to 10.5(1). I am asking as I think services ares dependent on license file.

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