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UCCX 8.5 Premium - Custom Scripting

Hi all

my customer asked me a call priority feature.

Scenario is :


Digit 1 : Set Customvariable1 ="Sales" -> CSQ_1

Digit 2 : Set Customvariable1="Informations" -> CSQ_1

Is it possible to assign priority when :

If there wasn't calls in CSQ_1 assign priority on calls that have CustomVariable1 ="Sales".

But if there are 3 call with Customvariable1=Sales i want to assign priority on call with CustomVariable=Informations.

The question is : How can i monitor the CSQ_1 and check if there are calls with CV=Sales?

Is it possible to see?

Call flow is :

Contact call our IVR

Select 2 for Information and Set CV1=Information

IF callwaiting on CSQ_1 with customvariable1=Sales >= 3

Then assign priority 10 to this contact


LEt me know pls

Stefano Pucci


UCCX 8.5 Premium - Custom Scripting


not easily.

But let me ask this: is there a specific reason for not using two separate CSQ's for this? Like, one for "Sales" and the other for "Information"?


New Member

UCCX 8.5 Premium - Custom Scripting

We are now two specific CSQ for Sales and Information.

But agents are in both CSQ.And they have to answer both types of calls.

is there any mechanism to do this :

1.Contact enter in IVR

2.Priority Sales 5 and Info 1 as "default"

2.Menu 1 Sales e Menu 2 Info(all calls enter in CSQ_1)

3.If i press 2 "Info" , i need to verify if there are call tagged "Sales" and in queue,if true and are >=3 assign priority 10 to call tagged "Info"

4.If I press 1 "Sales" and there isn't calls in queue let the priority as "standard",but if there are calls in queue , the script has to check if the calls are tagged as "Sales" or "Info" and do something.

Did u get it?



Re: UCCX 8.5 Premium - Custom Scripting

Hi. Er... alright, I will try. So  you want to see how many calls are there queued at the "Sales" CSQ.  That's possible using the Get Reporting Statistic step (Contacts  Waiting). However, you can only set the priority of the current call,  not other calls in CSQ's - you probably want to raise it for the current  call anyway.


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