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UCCX 8.5 Real Time Snapshot Config - Error while performing the operation

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I'm not able to set up Real Time Snapshot Config in UCCX

I'm experiencing this error statement while trying to enable Real Time Snapshot Config:

"Error while performing the operation. Please look into logs for more information."

As suggested above, I looked into logs using Real Time Monitoring Tool and I found this (wallboard server ip replaced with X.X.X.X):

49312fmpl-replace() exporting object: RealtimeSnapshotConfig[schema=

RealtimeSnapshotConfig,time=2011-12-30 14:40:22.0,recordId=2,desc=,writeInterval=10,writeEnabled=true,csqStatsEnabled=true,sysStatsEnabled=true,wallboardHost=X.X.X.X,wallboardUser=null,wallboardPassword=null,hostAliasName=CRSServer]

and few lines below:

%MADM-CFG_MGR-7-UNK:replace DB_ACCESS_ERROR: Exception=java.lang.RuntimeException: The PUBLISHER node of the HA is not available

My experience with UCCX are not that great, im not sure if above logs are the reason or not - so I'm asking for Your help. Maybe someone experienced this issue before and could give me some advice. If required - I will try to provide more info.

Thanks in advance.

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