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New Member

uccx 8.5 SECURITY_VIOLATION when reading repository files


When trying to read a vxml file from the document repository in voice browser element I am getting the following error

%MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-SECURITY_VIOLATION:Security violation: Permission Name=/opt/cisco/uccx/<,Permission Action=read,Application=null,Script=null,Step id=0,Step,Step Description=null,Expression=null, access denied ( /opt/cisco/uccx/< read)

1418545: Mar 15 12:04:51.142 MDT access denied ( /opt/cisco/uccx/< read)

1418546: Mar 15 12:04:51.143 MDT %MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-EXCEPTION:          at

1418547: Mar 15 12:04:51.143 MDT %MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-EXCEPTION:          at

1418548: Mar 15 12:04:51.143 MDT %MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-EXCEPTION:          at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkPermission(

1418549: Mar 15 12:04:51.143 MDT %MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-EXCEPTION:          at

1418550: Mar 15 12:04:51.143 MDT %MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-EXCEPTION:          at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkRead(

1418551: Mar 15 12:04:51.143 MDT %MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-EXCEPTION:          at

1418552: Mar 15 12:04:51.143 MDT %MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-EXCEPTION:          at

1418553: Mar 15 12:04:51.143 MDT %MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-EXCEPTION:          at

1418554: Mar 15 12:04:51.143 MDT %MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-EXCEPTION:          at

1418555: Mar 15 12:04:51.143 MDT %MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-EXCEPTION:          at

1418556: Mar 15 12:04:51.143 MDT %MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-EXCEPTION:          at$

Does anyone know what is the problem and how to fix this?

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uccx 8.5 SECURITY_VIOLATION when reading repository files

Hi Ram,

The is received because you are trying to  write a document in a folder in which you don't      have permission. In UCCX  8.0 and 8.5 the only place you have permission to write files is the  Customer folder: /opt/cisco/uccx/Customer.

So you need to put this path in the Write Document step:


A similar thing can be done with an XML document.

You can check if the files in the Customer folder with this CLI command:

admin:file uccx list custom_file *

And use an SFTP server to retrieve the files:

admin:file uccx get custom_file

Hope it helps.


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New Member

uccx 8.5 SECURITY_VIOLATION when reading repository files

Thanks Anand for your reply. I am a newbie so I am not able to understand.

Here is my scenario -

I have uploaded a vxml document using "document management"  -- sample.vxml

And trying to use the vxml document in voice browser element.

and these are steps I am using in my script -

1. String vxmlURI = Doc[sample.vxml]

2.Document myURLDocument = create URL document(vxmlURI)

3.myNumber = voice Browser(--Tr.Contact--, myURLDocument)

When I try to debug this script at step 3 a popup comes with no description saying "Exception".

When I see the logs the exception is

%MIVR-SECURITY_MGR-2-SECURITY_VIOLATION:Security violation:  Permission Name=/opt/cisco/uccx/<,Permission  Action=read,Application=null,Script=null,Step id=0,Step,Step  Description=null,Expression=null,  access denied ( /opt/cisco/uccx/< read)

seems like a read issue.

Can you help in the steps I should be using for reading the vxml document ?

Thanks a lot for the help.

uccx 8.5 SECURITY_VIOLATION when reading repository files

Hi Ram,

Cache Document Step

Use the Cache Document step to perform an input/output (I/O) operation (such as reading a file or

making an HTTP request) and cache the resulting document in the memory buffer.

Because the Cache Document step can use a great deal of memory, you should use it with caution.

The I/O operation is specified by the document defined in a preceding step (such as Create File

Document or Create URL Document) or by a document expression that contains a hard-coded document.

When the Create File Document or Create URL Document step executes, it creates the document

variable but does not send the URL request or access the file system.

The actual I/O operation occurs when another step (such as Send Response or Write Document)

references the document. The Cache Document step allows you to complete the I/O operation before

executing any subsequent steps.

Example 2-2 shows script pseudocode demonstrating how you can use the Cache Document step.

Example 2-2 Using the Cache Document Step

doc=Create URL Document(“”)

doc=Cache Document(doc)

. . .



Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Editor Step Reference Guide,

Release 8.5(1)

Hope it helps.


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New Member

uccx 8.5 SECURITY_VIOLATION when reading repository files

Hi Anand,

I tried that but I am getting MalFormedURLException no protocol error.

Is the SECURITY_VIOLATION bug related to something to this

If it is how do we change the permissions in the server ?

Thanks for the help.