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uccx 8.5 to a RESTful web service; anyone have a good solution for interaction?

Similar to the POSTER tool, UCCX has the step, Create URL Document. However we are limited in that there is no free form content entry point (wher we would normally put XML), as in the POSTER tool. Instead we are limited to parameters. We could also use the Get HTTP Contact Info step in UCCX. However here we are limited to a query string. Attempts to use the POST method with parameters are rejected by the lab RESTful engine. Check out doc with screenshots.


Re: uccx 8.5 to a RESTful web service; anyone have a good soluti

The Create URL Document step is just a helper to create a Document variable of type URL. In POST mode, it puts together the POST string for you, out of the parameters you specify. You can go around the Create URL Document step and make your own Document variable containing whatever POST text you like, such as your XML request. Here's some quick and dirty examples.

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