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UCCX 8.5 Upgrade SU3

Just after a bit of advice.

In an HA cluster, which of these is the correct method:

Upgrade Publisher

Switch version

Upgrade Subscriber

Switch version


Upgrade Publisher

Upgrade Subscriber

Switch version on Publisher

Switch version on Subscriber

Also once both are upgraded, the guide suggests running "utils uccx dbreplication repair all".

It seems to suggest running this regardless of any replication errors or not. Anyone have any thoughts?

Is this command only run on the Publisher?


Re: UCCX 8.5 Upgrade SU3


In a High Availability (HA) Deployment:

In case of a High Availability setup, initiate the switch-version process through Cisco Unified Operating System Administration web interface or CLI after completing the software upgrade installation on both the publisher and subscriber nodes, with publisher being the first, followed by the subscriber node. To identify whether the switch-version is successful, follow the steps mentioned below after triggering the switch-version process. The time needed to trigger the switch-version process will depend on the amount of data available.

Warning: If you are upgrading Unified CCX in a two-node (high availability) deployment, once you complete the switch version of second node, execute the following CLI command utils uccx dbreplication repair all to remove any data discrepancy between the two nodes.


utils uccx dbreplication repair

This command is only available in the High Availability deployment of Unified CCX. This command can be executed on any node. This command repairs mismatched data between cluster nodes; it does not repair replication setup. The command initiates the repair which executes in the background. The user would have to go to data store control centre in serviceability administration to monitor the status of the repair process. For more information, see the Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability Administration Guide available here:

Command Syntax:

utils uccx dbreplication repair [database_name]|all


Hope it helps.


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