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UCCX 8 License extraction?

Top of your head, does anyone know if there is any way to 'extract' the currently applied UCCX license file from the server? We have a need to completely rebuild a UCCX server, OS and all, but the customer does not have the original .lic file. Since the License MAC should be staying the same my hope was to simply reuse the existing .lic file without having to engage TAC licensing. Any insight is appreciated.

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UCCX 8 License extraction?

You can see if it is in the backup file.


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We are in same situation

We are in same situation. I tried to extract backup file but it saying the archive is in unknown format or damaged.

Chris & Jpsweeney77 please help


Hi- If I recall correctly you



If I recall correctly you'll need to reach out to Cisco TAC and have them login to the CET tool.  From there you can get the licences files as a BIN file.  From there you can run a UCCX script to translate them into plain text.


It's been awhile since I've had to do that, but I can see if I can dig up any other info on how to do it.  I think you could also use another application to convert them from BIN files to text files.


Edit-  This is assuming you're running 8.x.



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Hi Just raise a case with TAC


Just raise a case with TAC Licensing. Give them the current MAC address and tell them you are rebuilding and want all the licenses issued to that MAC. Supply the new MAC if there is one.

It's not generally a painful process.


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