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UCCX 8 Real Time Data Question.

We setup an overhead monitor to display the operator and queue status of the ACD.

The only method we have is to login to the website Cisco Unified CCX Administration: https://X.X.X.X/

This prompts me for my windows account and I can bring up the display.

What I need is a way to either view this information without logging into the admin webconsole, as it will be up an open 24/7.
Is there some rss feed or something that I can pull down or a open webpage to display this information?



Re: UCCX 8 Real Time Data Question.


May i ask why you are asking this , is the IE has a timeout that you have to login every period of time.

I have done it before and it has been working for a couple of months , but i didn't use the CCX admin user , i used a specific user and it has a supervisor and reporting premission , when you login using this user , you will get the real-time field and you don't need to re-login again.


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Re: UCCX 8 Real Time Data Question.

Hello Amer,

I agree with you, Its never timed-out for me as well.

But customer want to use this without login, as the monitor is placed in a company public place.

Is there any other way to accomplish this task without login .


Re: UCCX 8 Real Time Data Question.


I don't think it is possible , but why is the login problem ? even if it is a public space are you afraid that someone will gain access and try to play with the system?

If this is the case , i told youin my previous post that you can enabke the real-time without the admin user , just create a new user and assign it to the supervisor , in this when he login , he will not gain access to sensetative stuff so you can be safe.


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