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UCCX 8 Wallboard

with UCCX 8 the database model has changed.

I like many other have a wallboard server that uses SQL queries to a number of tables in the DB_CRA db like the summary tables, agent state tables and many others.

will we still be able to access these tables via sql with UCCX8

also does any one how to use the new REST web service to change the DSN on the wallboard server in a HA setup?


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Re: UCCX 8 Wallboard


The database moves to Informix with the 8.0 release, but from what I've seen so far on the beta there isn't really much change in functionality, and not much change in the database schema.


1) You still use SQL, but now it's Informix's spin on SQL - so you may have to make changes to some queries etc

2) You have access to the DB using the Informix drivers which you can get from IBM or by installing something that uses Informix (e.g. HRC)

3) You use 3rd party tools for anything but basic stuff via the CLI - so setting up stored procedures, testing complex queries etc would be done in whatever tools you like.

I would guess if you already have a mechanism for determining which of the HA pair is 'active' you may still be able to use that... I did see a slide on the REST API, but can't find a reference to it... it's another SOAP based API if I remember correctly.



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Re: UCCX 8 Wallboard

Attached is the slide I believe you are referring to...


Re: UCCX 8 Wallboard

Wallboard information is now available in the UCCX 8.0 Administration Guide (uccx801ag)  with specific reference to the REST API in Section 20-7.

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