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UCCX 9.0.2 sending an visual or audible alert to IP Phone in CUCM via IP service or HTTP


Does anyone know of a wait to alert an agent phone calls in queue? I see you can use the "Get Reporting Statistics" step to get the Contacts Waiting. Is there a way to use this and pump the output of an IF statement to an script and then create an application and use an HTTP Trigger for it?


Hi,actually, yes, but


actually, yes, but remember, the Get Reporting Statistics step is executed only once (so it won't sit there watching the numbers - so for instance, if the number of queued calls suddenly drop after this step is executed, the whole process is kind of useless, isn't it). You might use the Create URL Document step to issue a HTTP request.


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Thanks, Gergely. I see your

Thanks, Gergely. I see your point about the get report statistics step. Do you think it would be better to set up a real time report in the dashboard of cuic instead? And point the ip phone service to that?

Hi,exactly. For instance, you


exactly. For instance, you could build a proxy service with one connection and thread to the UCCX server and multiple connections, serving XML over HTTP (an idle screen perhaps) towards the IP phones.

I would even use a database to sort of take snapshots of call counts. Just to have a cold hard proof in case supervisors start asking why the wallboard showed "unexpected" information.


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Thanks, Gergely. Are there

Thanks, Gergely. Are there any documents that shows how to set something like this up? I'm not too familiar with this.

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I've found the Phone

I've found the Phone development guide and see how I can send an audible and visual alert to specific phones. But I'm not all that good with XML scripting. Can someone point me in the right direction? How do you script the HTTP POST for a specific phone in XML?


Hi,can you tell me which way


can you tell me which way you have chosen: the idle screen (periodic poll) or "push notifications? Also, what kind of phones do your agents use?

For instance, if it's 7945G, you can use the CiscoIPPhoneExecute method (read the "Cisco Unified IP Phone Services Application Development Notes Release 9.1(1) and Later"). How to issue an HTTP POST request: depends, what is the programming language of choice? If it's Java, I can give you an example.


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Hi Gergely,The contact Center

Hi Gergely,

The contact Center group is quite small, only 6-10 agents. They are using 8961 phones. 

I've found that I can send an audible and visual alert in xml with the following syntax:

<ExecuteItem Priority=”0” URL=”Play:chime.raw”/>
<ExecuteItem Priority=”0” URL=”http://server/textmessage.xml”/>

I just don't know how script the XML portion and trigger specific phones. From what I found, I can target specific phones based on their IPs or FQDN. 

I've found this. But don't know how to piece everything together.

I think the method of "pushing" the alerts to phones is by using a HTTP POST. But I'm not familiar with this.

Hi,actually, you need to


actually, you need to write an application or a script. Playing around with one command line tool like curl is good for testing, but for production environments is not a choice.

Can you tell me the name of your preferred scripting/programming language?


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Hi,Have you been able to


Have you been able to solve the requirement ?

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