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UCCX 9.02 DRF Failure but DRF web page shows successful


We're on UCCX 9.0(2) SU1 and have had on occasional RTMT alert about backup failure, but when we log in to the DRF web pages the history and current status all report SUCCESSFUL.  Yet there is a RTMT and SYSLOG alert about a DRF failure. 

Has anyone seen this before? 

Could it be the following bug, 

CSCuo05963 - SFTP session is kept open after a successful backup.

Which effects UCCX 9.0(2) and 9.0(2) SU1 but the fixed in version only shows 10.5 and I don't see this bug mentioned as resolved in the UCCX 9.0(2) SU2 release notes. 




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I have this issue as well,

I have this issue as well, CCX v8.5
Im seeing the backup files saved correctly on the SFTP server, the DRF web page Current and History show the backup was successfull.

Yet, I received an RTMT alert about a backup failure.
Specifically these 2 alerts:

'DRF Backup process is failed due to backup device error.'

'DRF Backup or Restore process has failed because it encountered errors.'

Were you able to resolve this?

- Jessica

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Are you sure these alerts are generated only during the time when backup is running. Also, how often do these alerts generate everytime when the backup runs or was that a one off instance. In case, it was a one off instance then you can ignore it. Below is a defect for this issue but that is in 10.x not sure if it applies on your version as well:

In case, if these alerts are generating everytime when a backup (Manual or Scheduled) runs then open a TAC case so that they can collect the DRF Master and Local logs and can investigate it further.



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