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uccx agent capability

Hello Ryan

I have installed an UCCX 7.01 with a CME 7.1, there are two agents, each agent is using a CP7975 phone.

I want that each agent be able to answer/drive  at least four calls, how can i get this ??

Thanks in advance,


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Re: uccx agent capability

You cannot. The RMCM subsystem will only offer a single agent one call at a time. They must complete one call and return to a Ready state before another call will be presented to them.

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Re: uccx agent capability

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your answer.

I could do that on AVAYA using the Contact Center + IP 500 OFFICE System.

I am tryng to use the Cisco Agent Desktop to handle the calls (answer, hold, transfer, conference) but the the Main application window does not show the buttons to do this, do you have any idea of what is wrong ??

The Agent Desktop is, running from the UCCX 7.0.1 Version Premiun.



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Re: uccx agent capability

CAD will only allow you to control calls that arrive on the ICD Extension line of the phone. I would guess that you are receiving calls on other lines which CAD/CCX does not watch or control.

If you are saying that the call control buttons do not appear in CAD at all (instead of just being grayed out), then:

  1. Be sure you are integrating with Unified Communications Manager (UCM) and not Communications Manager Express (CME). The CME integration using SIP does not support first-party call control through CAD.
  2. Ensure that the buttons are enabled for the workflow group within Cisco Desktop Administrator.

Also, CCX is not the same product as Avaya, Nortel, I3, or any other vendor's contact center product. Saying that you could do it elsewhere does not mean you can do it with Cisco's product or vice versa. Be careful not to make assumptions in instead of reading the documentation ahead of time.

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Re: uccx agent capability

Thanks for your answer,

As you can read in my first contact the integration is with a CME 7.1.

Could you provide me a link to the document with the information about the restrictions with the CAD. I have not found any.

Obviously, some features that are supported by one vendor not neccesaraly are supported by other vendor.

This issue is just a new requirement from the customer, it was not an assumption,  and i am investigating if it is supported by Cisco UCCX, the mention to AVAYA was just for note that other vendor supports that funcionality.

Again, thanks for your useful answer.

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