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UCCX Agent Desktop on x64

I read that this isn't supported, but does it work or can it be made to work?

I've got a new install possibility where several would-be agents have some heavily speced out PCs with up to 8GBs of RAM, etc and i can imagine some unhappy users if they need to wipe and reinstall at x86 and lose half of their RAM...

Thanks in advance for any and all answers!


Re: UCCX Agent Desktop on x64

Terribly sorry to disappoint you but the answer is no. Just to verify I tried to install it on my Win XP Pro x64 workstation and it refused to install. I suppose you could use Orca's to remove the x64 platform check but I am certain TAC would not support you. I've attached a screenshot of the message.

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Re: UCCX Agent Desktop on x64


As you know, x64 OS are not supported. But the CAD, CSD, HR client, and the CRS editor installed and are operational on my Vista Ultimate x64 system

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Re: UCCX Agent Desktop on x64

Nice to hear, any tips or tricks needed to get them working besides removing the checks in the MSI for the OS architecture?

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