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UCCX Agents complain they hear CrossTalk but its all SIP/IP!

The customer has a Verizon Business SIP Trunk, calls from Telco come into SIP CUBE 3845 running 12.4(24)T and then SIP-SIP to CallManager 7.0(2) to UCCX 7.0(1)SR1 where Cisco Agent Desktop to 7942 (G711)(SCCP42.8-4-3S).

What our UCCX 7.0(1) Agents complaining of is what we called CrossTalk (bleedover) in the old analog days….given this is all IP I don't see how we can have any cross talk. That maybe Verizon at backend switch is experiencing cross talk?

Note From Supervisor;

I was logged into UCCX Agent Desktop as Ready and received a call and started helping the customer, about 2 minutes later, both myself and the customer whom called me in the queue heard our hold music in the background, then they heard a co-worker Jon answering a call, "Thanks for call Express Parts Look Up, how can I help you?"


John Bishop

Technical Services Warranty & Parts Lead

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Re: UCCX Agents complain they hear CrossTalk but its all SIP/IP!

Any luck with this issue? I have a similar issue with SIP calls.

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Jason,Oddly enough, I have a


Oddly enough, I have a client that is experiencing this with their newly deployed UCCx 10.5 environment.  Client has inbound SIP trunks into a 3945 ISR G2.  Ikhlaas will be reaching out to you about this.


Thank you,


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Curious to know if either of

Curious to know if either of you found the answer to this issue?  We have a customer that reported

a similar issue, Crosstalk over SIP.




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