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UCCX Alert for when agent goes not ready

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to alert an agent, by a windows popup (or other means), if he/she goes not ready and that would mean there are then less than two agents logged in and in a ready or on a call or in wrap up state? 

So for example, if there are 5 agents logged in and four are on a call and the fith goes not ready, that is ok, no need for an alert. If there are five logged in, three are already not ready, one on a call and another one goes not ready, that agent gets an alert to tell them to make themselves ready again.

We are running UCCX 7.0(1) with Premium.

Thanks for your help

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UCCX Alert for when agent goes not ready

Not with the natively available agent workflows. You could conceivably accomplish this with a third-party (or home-grown) wallboard application using ajax or another asynchronous update method to alert the agent when the condition you want is met. The server would need to perform ODBC to the CCX database to query the tables.

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UCCX Alert for when agent goes not ready

Hi Jeremy

You can do popup on agent if he goes not ready like this:

Start Desktop administrator and go to Workflow configuration and create a workflow group.

In workflow group select "CAD agent"/"Voice contact Work Flows" and add a workflow ex. RONA POPUP

Set it to run on incomming calls only if any condition is true (otherwise it will popup when agents are making outgoing call on

ICD line)

On event "ringing" you create a new rule and enable it in the circumstances you need it to run. When you have made the rule you can add a action.

In that action you create a new Agent notification whcih will be the actual popup (do not add it to the action). When you have made the agent notification uoy need to create a timer action with a timer shorter than the timeout you have defined in the select resource step in your UCCX script.

If timeout in script is 15 sec. set timer action to 14. sec.

In the timer action setup you also select while the phone is ringing AND the agent state is NOT equal to Not Ready and then you add the agent notification step you created before.

Finally you assign the agent to the workflow.

Now when agent is ringing timer action starts and run for 14 seconds while agent is in ringing state, If agent doesn't answer the agent notification pops up, stating whatever you decided when defining it "Please remember to go ready again as you have been set to not ready" or something like that.

After 1 more second (in theory the agent can answer the call in that second) the agent goes not ready.

The popup information need to be accepted before is closes, so it doesn't dissapear by it self.

You could use similar setup to inform agent where a call is comming from based on ani, dnis r other information.


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UCCX Alert for when agent goes not ready

Hi Jeremy

I'm not sure if this can be setup to work as you want. The solution above only works for agents not answering but there is also an agent management workflow in desktop admin where you can do things when agent goes not ready but I haven't worked with that


UCCX Alert for when agent goes not ready

Alternatively, if the supervisors are watching the Real time reporting or wallboard for the Available Agents, and see that only few are in Ready state, than they can send a group message to all the Agents alerting them on the exact count and not to go for Not_Ready state anymore and also forcefully bring the Not_ready Agents to Ready state.



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UCCX Alert for when agent goes not ready

Thank you all for your replys. I will check with our wallboard supplier to see if it is something they can do.

UCCX Alert for when agent goes not ready supply various wallboard and agent alert product that might suit your requirement.

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