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UCCX alternative = CUE?

We are considering the alternative solution when UCCX server is down. Unity Express has auto-attendant function and voicemail function. But not sure how this product handle the contact center needs. Is there anyone who knows about that? Thanks.


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Re: UCCX alternative = CUE?


It's not really an alternative to UCCX at all..

Theoretically you could use it to play an introductory prompt and then redirect a call out to a hunt group when in SRST mode, but this would be very basic. You would not get proper queueing, in queue messages, DB integration, any useful reporting, Agent Desktop/Supervisor functionality, etc...



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Re: UCCX alternative = CUE?

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for quick response. You helped me on the other similar topic. You said for our current UCCX version 5, there is no way to do the failover through the WAN. Maybe the good way to go is restore a same UCCX box in the remote site.

But if only one remote site which has conact center lost the connection to main site and the other remote sites still have connections to main site, I can't build a same box for that particular remote site (IP conflict). That means I need give some alternative option for that particular remote site in order to get conact center running. Right now I'm not sure the contact center supervisor can accept the limited functions or not.

The other complete solution maybe upgrade UCCX to version 8 and buy another UCCX which can be put into the DR site. If one remote lost connection to main site, they can try to connect to UCCX at DR site. The bandwidth should be ok for us. Actually we have MAN with 1Gbps capacity.

Is there any other solution for the UCCX failover? Thanks.


Re: UCCX alternative = CUE?

There is only one other solution that isn't nearly feature complete,

but provides basic queuing for your callers.

It's called B-ACD (Backup Automated Call Distribution) and runs

directly on the router.

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