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UCCX and High Availability


I found an issue when one server in cluster has been restarting. Agents have been using IP Agent Service. It was pointing service on first node. The result was I configured backup service that points second UCCX server. Agent' communications were dropped so for agent it is not High availability solution.

Is it possible to configure this as more transparent??

Also after reseting one server seconf became primary. Interesting is that to view configuration I can use any of those two, but received error triing to save new option. When I logged in to second server there was no problem with changing configuration.

Is it normal state??

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Re: UCCX and High Availability


As far as I know the UCCX high availability is not a hot standby mode. Which means that you will have always have a timeout (normally a maximum of 60sec)

However I don't understand how the agents communications could have been dropped. The call itself is not related to UCCX but to the CCM.

Actually, the normal behaviour is that you loose the callers on the IPIVR but not the agents communications.

For the last question, I think that you can't do changes as long as the 2 servers used hor HA are not up and running.

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Re: UCCX and High Availability

For me it was strange too, that calls were dropped. However it happend.

Both servers are up and running but full access to make changes in configuration is only for one of them.

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