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UCCX auto attendant script does not accept input


We are using UCCX 8.5.1 for Auto Attendant and we are getting reports from callers that when they press any key the menu they listened to is repeated like UCCX did not hear the input and they are not able to progress past the first level of prompts.  After a brief intro the caller is prompted to press 1 for service, 2 for parts and so on, or they are allowed to dial a 4 digit extension as well, but any input that is entered by the caller is ignored and caller ends up in an endless loop.

I have not been able to reproduce the issue from any phone that I can call from, and reports are intermittent.  So my questions are

1. Realizing I may not have provided enough info, what other details can I give?

2. Has any one else encountered this issue?

3. Where might I look to troubleshoot this?

Thank you

Rob Millerd


UCCX auto attendant script does not accept input

HI Rob,

Incase if you have modified the UCCX system AA script,  than enable the Reactive debug for this script and check step by step  execution and see where is the problem.

If you have not altered this UCCX system AA script than you need to check it from the CUCM and VG side for this issue.

You can also see the MIVR logs in UCCX for the exact reason why DTMF digits are not reognoised.

Hope this helps.


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