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UCCX Average & Expected Waiting time calculation

What is the time periode that is used to calculate the Average Waiting time in the UCCX? It seems to be 24 hours.

And can it be changed (shortend)?

Both values (AWT & EWT) respond slow to fluctuations in the amount of calls queued and their duration.

I want to use them to offer the customer a choice to wait or callback later when the EWT is longer then 5 minutes. Thanks for your response

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Re: UCCX Average & Expected Waiting time calculation

I believe the UCCX engine uses the same math for this as ICM:

((CallsQNow + 1) * AHTto5) / Max (Agents Talking [OR] Ready)

* CallsQNow is a count of the current calls in queue for the service at the peripheral.

* +1 is used to indicate a call that can be potentially added to the queue.

* AHTto5 is defined as the average handle time (in seconds) for calls to the service during the current five-minute interval. AHTto5 is a “rolling” five-minute average (from now, and for the most recent five minutes), and is calculated in real-time. The value for AHT is calculated as:

HandleTimeTo5 / CallsHandledTo5

* HandleTime is tracked only for inbound ACD calls that are counted as handled for the service. HandleTime refers to the total time spent on a call. Therefore, HandleTime is the total call duration, from the time the agent answered the call to the time the agent completed the after-call work. HandleTime includes any TalkTime, HoldTime, and WorkTime associated with the call (from Termination_Call_Detail). The AvgHandleTime value is updated in the database when the agent completes all the after-call work associated with the call.

There is a catch though: some Get Reporting Statistic data is only updated upon a call being answered by an agent for the CSQ.

So checking the EWT during queue loop will only be useful if other calls are getting answered for the stat to be updated.

Either way, both equations are built in and cannot be modified directly. You can however retrieve the supporting data and calculate it yourself if you wish using a Java expression.

Re: UCCX Average & Expected Waiting time calculation


Great post, have to do EWT soon, and been meaning to look this up / ask! Plus 5 for that!!!


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Re: UCCX Average & Expected Waiting time calculation

Thnx J,

It gives me some more insight in the workings of AWT & EWT.

I gonna do some tests to see if UCCx works like you said. EWT does still seem to act a bit strange. It goes up while AWT goes down....odd.

But thannks a bunch anyway.

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Re: UCCX Average & Expected Waiting time calculation

Expected Waiting time on a UCCX environment is calculated in a 24 hours time period an NOT in a 5 minutes time window.

Easy experiment to prove it:

- Make a few calls and have them wait for 20-40 minutes. Take one of the calls and leave it ON for 1 hour.

- Next day try to get the EWT on the same queue and you will see that it reflects previous day holding time/handle time.

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Any ways to show Average

Any ways to show Average Waiting time and Talking time in last one hour instead of 00h00-23h59??  Thanks

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