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UCCX CAD Macro to Pop into existing tab?

I have a customer using "Netsuite" a web based CRM tool for the helpdesk.

We want to do a global search whenever a call arrives, there is a global search field and I have figured out a URL that works where I can change the search term in the URL bar.

It works fine in the CAD browser except it kills the users existing IE session because they are limited to 1 session per user, except the customer wants to use IE and not the CAD browser.

Problem is -- it must either open a tab or take over an existing IE window that already has the application in it....  There is a session cookie or something preventing us from using a NEW window, it just forces the user to authenticate -- which makes the entire thing pointless.

Any thoughts?

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Re: UCCX CAD Macro to Pop into existing tab?

Well, I have run into this plenty of times working with multiple CRM's.

There is a few options.  The best I have found so far was to have it execute a homemade CSharp Form with the IE control in it.  This allows you to track the session.

You could also use a simple exe that logs into the form for them automagically retrieves the session ID, sets the session ID and navigates a new browser.

Point is you aren't going to get around this without sitting down and opening visual studio and writing some code



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