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UCCX Callback Feature - How to maintain Position in queue


From a previous post, it seems no easy way to keep position:

Would be interested to see if anyone have worked out a way to keep position in queue for callback.



Based on a sample script from CCX Script Repository,  I created an ACD script with callback capability. I can leave a callback number and agent calls back ok. However, the script does not keep caller's position. When leave a callback number and terminate the active call, it is landed at the end of the queue.


When do a reactive debug, one caller leave a callback number and terminate the call, the position in queue for callers behind move forward. 

Any idea how to maintain the queue position when leave a callback number?





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Have you had any luck with

Have you had any luck with this?  My customer thinks it's sad and weird that their 20 year old PBX/ACD can provide this but Cisco UCCX can't.  This shouldn't be a complicated request, and shouldn't be something I have to say we can't do. :(


Thanks for any assistance,


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When leave a callback number

When leave a callback number and terminate the call, callback script make a call to a sub script for the callback call to be queued. If someone called in after you while you are setting up a callback, the callback call is queued the last.


I could not fix this. But customers are ok with this.




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HiThere is no way to maintain


There is no way to maintain position in queue... 

But generally the purpose of this is to offload the queue, to smooth out peaks and allow agents to call back the customer when things are quieter... so perhaps that's not such a bad thing.

There are lots of other problems with this setup though - loss of callbacks if the system fails over for one thing; generally clunky implementation, difficult reporting/verification...


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Report was a big problem when

Report was a big problem when we setup Call Back. Eventually we used an external SQL to record all call legs as well as info like

Call Start time,


queued time,

callback number left,

time call back happened,

agent ID handle this call back call,

queued time when in Callback queue,

and call disposition code (handled, abandoned, timed out).



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I think there is an option,

I think there is an option, just requires a little thinking outside of the box.  You may be able to utilize priority queuing to accomplish this.  Lets say we have three callers, we could say every so many times in the queue loop increase priority.  If the caller wishes to leave a call back, write to an xml file the call back number with the priority below that.
<callbacknumber @3031222444>



In your call back script you could utilize the call back number to lookup the priority written to the xml and increase that priority by 1.  It would not be perfect but should move the call up in queue past callers who have not been waiting for a long period of time.  This is just a thought, I have not tried it out.  You would want to do some cleanup on the XML script, perhaps remove that entry in the XML document once it has been serviced or the call completed.

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