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UCCX Called Number


I am writing a UCCX script that pulls the calling and called numbers and does some other cool stuff to find an outcome and finally what to do with that specific call.

Everything is working except I am not getting the called number. The called number I am seeing is the CTI Route Point number that was called to get the call into UCCX rather than the PSTN number.

The setup is as follows:

PSTN ---> SIP ---> CUBE ---> CUCM ---> UCCX 

I can see the called number in the SIP messages and of course call manager is routing based all the called number I have done everything I can think off but it is still not showing me the PSTN called number in UCCX.

I have attached a screen shot of the Get Call Contact Info step in UCCX scripting let me know if you need to see anything else related to the script.

Any help appreciated.



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If the DNIS supplied at

If the DNIS supplied at ingress to CUCM does not match the CTI RP DN then either you have Significant Digits stripping the called number down on the SIP trunk or a translation pattern modifying the called number before it gets to the CTI RP. In either case, CCX can only work with what CUCM gives it over the CTI QBE channel. A translation pattern resets the calling/called number to whatever transform it is performing so "Original Called Number" won't work either.

Just mentally map the PSTN DNIS to the CTI RP DN and program the script to act accordingly based on the CTI RP DN.

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Hi Jonathan,Thanks for your

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply. I wondered if the translation pattern has something to do with it. Could I ask what you mean my mentally mapping the PSTN DNIS to the CTI?



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In your head or a piece of

In your head or a piece of paper think "Ok, DNIS 1234 is CTI RP 5678 so my script needs to greet callers based on 5678, not 1234."

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