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UCCX changing time variables from AM to PM and vice-versa

Hi all.

I have an extremely irritating issue that I'm hoping someone can shed some light on.

I'm currently making improvements to one of our contact centre scripts. We require to activate redirection on the fly quite often, and in the past I used a modified script with different time of day tests.Going forward I wanted to provide the ability for this to be activated and times set through the GUI.

So I made some variables as parameters, of note these are RedirectOperation (boolean), RedirectFrom (Time) and RedirectUntil(Time).

The flow is that if RedirectOperation is true, a time test is performed to dictate when we redirect - this is in the form of:

(T[now] >= RedirectFrom) && (T[now] <= RedirectUntil)

Now I know I can use T[now].before(xxx) etc but the operation itself isn't the issue, it does work perfectly fine this way, but the times change from AM <<>> PM under certain conditions.

To explain:

I set the default (on the script itself) RedirectFrom to "T[6:00:00 PM]" and RedirectUntil to "T[11:59:59 PM]".

When debugging the script, I can see that the system changes the times from PM to AM (under the variable list on CCX editor during a reactive debug) ! That's if I've not selected these parameters on the GUI. If however, I do select the parameters and still use the default values, when debugging, they stay as PM!!

This is surely a bug??

To try something else, I changed my time format to 24 hour clock - so 18:00:00 and 23:59:59 respectively. I can set these on the script itself, and if the parameters are unchecked and left at default, it works fine. However when I select the parameter and try to change the times to (for example) 19:00:00 and 22:59:59, the GUI spits an error saying:"* Please enter a valid date for the Date configurable variable." I can only assume there is a mismatch between what you're allowed to put into the script and what the GUI thinks you're allowed to.

But certainly the script surely should not be changing between AM and PM when a variable is left to default??

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Community Member

Hi, Scott! Please, tell me:

Hi, Scott! Please, tell me: how did you change time format from AM/PM to 24 hours clock?

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