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UCCX connect via web service API?

Does anyone have an example of how to interface with a customers database via a web service API?  Also, any examples of scriping which receives ANI and passes it to the customer database, then receives back for the customer database the client account number.  Scipt then routes to the appropriate queue based on the account number.  Also, at the end of the call, agent will be required to enter clients phone number and reason code which will be passed to the customers dattabase.

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UCCX connect via web service API?


if you mean by "web service API" the SOAP protocol, then try this

Or you can try to build a proxy application in Java, then upload it to the UCCX server.

Sending and receiving it to customer's database: is web services your only option? If you've got UCCX Premium then you can connect to Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server as well (provided the database server version is supported by your UCCX).

Getting the ANI is easy, using the Get Enterprise Info step (look for "Calling line ID").

Selecting the right queue is easy, too, you can chain If.. else steps or use the Switch step.

Regarding wrapup information: I'd rather create a web application and incorporate it into CAD (and call its URL based on the appropriate event).


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check the call manager if it

check the call manager if it is not logging so start the tomcat services.

because UCCX application authinacation via call manager.

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Good afternoon, I'm wondering

Good afternoon, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if this is true: If a database has sensitive information (PII) then you can't go the normal route of creating a data source to reach the DB. You have to use a 'web service' aka Java to make the connection and query information. True or false? I hope false.

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