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UCCX CTI Supervisor Client

Hello all

I have been developing a Agent Client application using the CTI Protocol for UCCX 8. So far so good
Now i'm developing an Supervisor Client application. I managed to start the client in bridge mode so that i can receive all the Agent's events. I also want the barge-in and intercept functionalities, but for some reason, the SUPERVISE_CALL_REQ is not working for me!

I sent the following request during a call between a client and an UCCX Agent...

AgentCallID = 62512834 (the Call ID from an active call between a client and an UCCX agent)
SupervisorCallID = 0xffffffff
AgentConnectionDeviceType = 0 (CONNECTION_ID_STATIC)
SupervisorConnectionDeviceType = 0 (CONNECTION_ID_STATIC)
SupervisoryAction = 3 (SUPERVISOR_BARGE_IN)
AgentConnectionDeviceID = 1001
SupervisorConnectionDeviceID = 1000
AgentExtension = 1001
AgentInstrument = 1001
SupervisorInstrument = 1000
AgentID = A1001

... and got the following

text = "Invalid SupervisorID null Specified"

What is the problem here?

Also, i noticed some inconsistencies through out the CUCCX CTI Protocol Developer Guide, Release 8.0(1), regarding supervisor functionalities, like:
page 69 - SUPERVISE_CALL_REQ "Requests (from a supervisor) a monitoring or barge-in operation" - monitoring?? Does it support silent monitor?
page 147 - "At the end of such call supervision, a supervisor client should send a SUPERVISE_CALL_REQ message with SUPERVISOR_CLEAR as the SupervisorAction value" - but in the Supervisory Action Values table does not exist an SUPERVISOR_CLEAR value!
page 148 - "The identifier of the connection of the agent call and the agent's device. Either the CallID and the ConnectionDeviceID, or one of AgentExtension, AgentID, or AgentInstrument must be provided." - But if i pass null in AgentExtension or AgentID i get an CONTROL_FAILURE_CONF asking me for those fields.
page 53 - "You can use call-control messages to do the following (followed with the list of functionalities)"- in the list barge-in and intercept are not present!

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Re: UCCX CTI Supervisor Client

You might have better luck over at site. There is a forum there for this exact kind of stuff.

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UCCX CTI Supervisor Client

Were you able to use the UCCX CTI Agent Application successfully, I am planning to write a CTI agent app so any tips you can provide would be really helpful.

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