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UCCX CUIC Interval report on calls to an application

Within CUIC I can do an interval report per CSQ, this is great as I can see the calls per hour for a given or group of CSQs.  However in my script logic, well before a call is assigned to a CSQ we check for opening hours and holidays etc so those calls are never assigned to a CSQ, is there an easy/good/recomended way to be able to see from within CUIC how many calls per interval were recieved into a given application or DN in the 'closed' hours for that contact centre?  I can probably hack something together with an export of the call-by-call cdr report and excel, but something that's easily display-able in CUIC would be better.

In a similar thread, ideally I'd like to be able to report on abandoned calls per application rather than per CSQ to be able to determine dropped calls during the menu logic prior to CSQ selection, are there any recommended tactics for this?

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