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uccx email agent - supervisor approval before mail is sent


we have one customer that would like to make upgrade of their contact center to new version (probably uccx8) and email agent functionality seems very interesting to them. But they would like to know if is it possible that supervisor approve outgoing mail before it is really sent?

so, if email agent gets an email and he answers it, is it possible that answer first goes to supervisor for re-check and afterwards it is sent to a customer?

Also, they would like to know if it is possible to get history call for every inbound call from the same customer? they have some customers that are calling almost every month for the same thing and they would like "to be prepared" for them when they are calling next month

any idea would be appreciated.



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Re: uccx email agent - supervisor approval before mail is sent

There is not a supervisor approval queue as there was in EIM. You can have the server BCC an address on all replies however. If you created a supervisor review mailbox and used that, they would at least be able to review and coach on any mistakes.

I'm not sure whether you're referring to the agent getting a call history from that caller; or, seeing patterns in historical reports.  If the former, not through CAD; however, you may be able to do an integration with their CRM product so that a record is stored for each call. If the later for historical reporting, some of the raw data is there (e.g. calling number) but there are no reports specifically geared toward showing it. I typically suggest that the IVR prompt the caller for an account number and store that into the database using Enterprise Data which provides more confident data. Either way you would likely want to build a custom report to see what you want. This is explained in the Historical Reporting Administrator and Developer Guide.

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