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UCCX Finesse Live Data Blank

Have got an issue where when agents log in to the Finesse Desktop on a UCCX deployment (10.0) they are able to process calls, etc, but they are unable to view any live data. The boxes for the live data just show Loading Report, and leave the space white.

They are going to the FQDN of the CCX server, and can process the incoming calls, get the call variables through etc, but the Home and My Stats boxes are just left white and the data never loads. When the screen is first selected it displays the checking for connectivity and then just reverts to the white empty space.
The layout in Finesse admin is still the default at the moment, so nothing has been touched there.

I have checked with both IE 11 and FF, but both provide the same results. 

Is there something missing, or something wrong here?


Hi,did you already check for


did you already check for a solution here:


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Hi G,Yep I am pretty sure I

Hi G,

Yep I am pretty sure I've been through all of the options on that page and verified that everything is ok.

DNS resolution works ok, and the UCCX server is configured with the DNS server for resolution as well.

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Attached is the desktop

Attached is the desktop config

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Hello Guys, Did anyone manage

Hello Guys,


Did anyone manage to solve this issue of live reports stuck on loading report ?

I'm facing the same issue. Kindly help if you can ?

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Finesse would not load the

Finesse would not load the default reports.  Come to find out, the user had a semi colon in there password.

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Hi,I had this issue also. In


I had this issue also. In the Release Notes of uccx 10/finesse 10 only Firefox Version 24 and less and IE 8, 9 and as far as I remember IE 10 supported, but not 11. Mozilla has something changed in their code starting with Release 30 and this results into blank screens for live reports. There is an extended support release available of FF 24 at Extended Support Releases are for companies who are not able to test each version of the firefox rapid release cycle against their company web tools.

I had a Tac Case open for a different problem the live reports, but someone from the CUIC Developers has deployed also a workaround for the blank reports in FF version 30 and later. Therefore he had cre ate a temp root access and change something directly in the system logic of finesse.

He told me that this workaround/fix is included in version 10.5 of uccx.


Furthermore you could have maybe another problem when your 10.0 deployment based on upgrade from 9 to 10.0 then also some collections maybe missing. When you upgrade from 9 to 10SU1 this issue will not happen, also when 10.0 or 10SU1 is a fresh install.

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I can observe the following

I can observe the following behavior in UCCX 10.5:

If you call the UCCX Administration with a FQDN and the Menus from this wesite are not working, you have to activate the compatibility mode from IE. In this case the top level domain part is shown to add. If you insert that and than call the finesse client, the content of the live date will be white.

Workaround: Do not enter the domain in the compatibility mode of IE. Instead of this, enter always IP adresses and live data will function.

Have you installed

Have you installed certificates from UCCX to your browser?

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On the system i am talk about

On the system i am talk about, there are no certificates in the browser installed. In lab, i have certificates. So if the domain portion is configured in compatibility mode from IE, the loading from the website will stuck.
Play with the compatibility mode. Hopeful you have success...
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Try changing the password for

Try changing the password for the user.  Don't use special characters in the password.  Finesse doesn't like :, ; or the @sign.

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